Manisha Choudhry.M (STUDENT)



I am writing to you, filled with lots of gratitude and happiness.

First of all, I begin with a very big THANK YOU!

Thank you, Ma’am and Sir, for everything. I thank you for helping me explore my life and for being my guiding light. I consider myself blessed to have met such great souls in my lifetime.

The two years I spent in ADHYAPANA has been the best time of my life. ADHYAPANA shaped and molded me into what I am today. I call it my ALMA MATER and I really feel proud to say so. At ADHYAPANA I made lots of memories, got honest friends, discovered myself, and above all, got TEACHERS who taught me ‘life’. I owe so much to ‘MY SCHOOL’.

Thank you ARUNA MA’AM!

I admire you a lot ma’am! I’m grateful to you for always supporting, trusting, correcting, and inspiring me. I would consider myself to have achieved a lot if I could become a bit like you in the future. Your COURAGE gives strength and hope to your children!

Thank you, DEAN SIR!

I respect you a lot, Sir! You taught us to DREAM BIG and ACHIEVE BIGGER. Your life lessons will stay evergreen in all our hearts. I loved all your classes (and extra classes), but I apologize for not being able to prove myself in your subject(due to the pandemic). However, I assure you that I will prove myself in the test of my LIFE.

Ma’am and sir, I sincerely apologize for all my big and small mistakes. I promise you that I will never repeat them and I will keep in mind, the lessons I learned from them. Please do forgive me if I have hurt you.

For all your students, both of you are a ‘GREAT TEACHER AND LEADER’ and it is indeed an honor to be called as ‘YOUR STUDENT’. I am grateful to both of you for being a part of my growth. You encouraged us to think like leaders and to take charge of our responsibilities in life. THANK YOU!

As a result of your blessings and prayers, I successfully got admission into the Miranda House of the Delhi University for B.A. (Hons.) Political Science. Please bless me as I embark on the journey towards my dream. I will surely make you both feel proud one day.

I know that ‘THANK YOU’ is a very small word, but, I truly mean it from the bottom of my heart.

This was a sincere letter of gratitude from your student (and child) on this Children’s Day. Also wishing you loads of joy and happiness on this Diwali! I pray for your happy and long life. I pray that our school will raise great and responsible future leaders like yourselves!

I end this e-letter with, again, a very big THANK YOU!
Love you, Ma’am and Sir!

Yours sincerely,
YOUR STUDENT (A proud alumna of ADHYAPANA),
Manisha Choudhry.