• Transport service is an optional service facilitated and outsourced by the school for the convenience of its students.
  • The school bus facility available to the students cannot be expected or demanded as a matter of right.
  • The Transport Department, at its own discretion, has the right to disallow any student from availing the bus facility.
  • Students availing the bus facility will be provided with a bus number, pick up and alighting stop information. Generally, the bus timings will operate within 10 to 15 minutes of the pickup and alighting time. Parents are requested to accommodate the same.
  • Any change in the bus timings will be notified to the parent by the Transport Department. Students will have to board and alight the school bus at the respective stops allotted to them only. The Transport Department reserves the rights to allot the stops.
  • Buses will pick up the students only from their designated stops . Any other point of pick – up will not be entertained unless due sanction is obtained from school authorities after prior information.
  • Students while travelling on the school bus must maintain discipline. Any student guilty of misconduct will not be allowed to avail the bus facility. Eating inside the bus is strictly not allowed.
  • A student shall be refused the bus facility if involved in damage to the bus property. Besides, the damage done will have to be compensated by the parent(s)of the concerned student(s).
  • Discontinuation of bus facility will only be allowed term wise. However, cancellation should be intimated before the next installment date. Cancellation will not be allowed once the terms start. Bus facility cannot be discontinued for any particular month.
  • No transport facility shall be available for other activities / events that school may plan on holidays / vacations – unless specifically notified by the school.
  • Students/ parents will not have any transactions / altercation / physical fight with the bus staff.
  • Bus employees are not authorized to change/ add bus stops.
  • The school has taken utmost care for the safety and convenience of the students. Any suggestion / complaint regarding the transport service is to be made in writing strictly to the Transport Department and the same shall be entertained by the Transport Department only. The School Management and School Principal shall in no way interfere with the decisions taken by the Transport Dept. for the smooth functioning of the transport service of the students.
  • It is important that any change to the usual pick-up/ drop routine is intimated to the transport in charge a day in advance. Bus crews have been instructed to bring back to the school any student who is not collected by the authorised person at the designated bus stop.
  • No child will be handed over to an unknown person/ to anyone without the parent I-card which must be produced at the time of pick up.
  • Please cooperate with the drivers and attendants. It takes nearly two weeks to set the transport route. Hence, there is a possibility of mismatch of timings given to you at the start of the year but this will be only temporary.
  • No Temporary change in bus number / route / timings will be allowed.
  • School does not promote private transport. Parents are requested to check the credentials of private transporter before engaging him. Ensure that female attendant is available in the private transport throughout. Parents are requested to intimate school in writing about the private transport, if opted, along with the details, photograph and police verification of the private transporter. School shall not be any way responsible for the private transport opted by the parents and parents shall keep the school indemnified from all claims, liabilities and shortage of service due to the private transport.