Sewage Water Treatment Plant

When You Save Water, It Saves You Back

Sewage Treatment Plant installed in Adhyapana School is a soil-based plant that works with sunlight and soil for efficient wastewater management.

The plant installed in Adhyapana School is a ground-breaking solution in the treatment of sewage water.

What is Sewage Water in Adhyapana School?

This includes water from sinks and toilets from the entire school.

The plant installed in Adhyapana School is based on water recycling technology that works with Sunlight and Soil. The input water from the school has a Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) value of 300 to 600 mg/L, making it relatively easy to recycle.

The Working Principle of the installed Plant is simple, living soil breaks down the waste and feeds the plants and plants feed the soil with Oxygen. Bio conservation consumes some oxygen and the rest becomes part of treated water. The capacity of the sewage treatment Plant is 10000 liters per day.

Why Adhyapana School’s Sewage Treatment Plant is the best?

ØProvides high-quality treated water
ØNo wastage of energy
ØNo requirement of skilled labor
ØReduction of freshwater footprint by 70%

The treated water is used for Gardening and Cleaning.

Water Quality Standards:
pH — 5.5 to 9.0

Chemical Oxygen Demand — 250 mg/l

Total Suspended Solids (TSS) — 100 mg/l — 200 mg/l (Land for irrigation)

Oil & Grease (O & G) — 10 mg/l