Parents of S.Iniyashree of Std v

Good evening Madam

I would like to share a few words about the Online classes conducted by our school.

The way of conducting the classes by the Teachers are very excellent. The time slot alloted for each classes also very nice since The government has allowed to open shops upto 14.00 hrs previously so that we can complete our outside work and concentrate on the way of my child studies and activities during class hour has been watched.

I am feel very greatful that I had choose the correct school for child future because during normal school days either our child or parents teacher meeting only we can came to know how our child is in school hours but in this pandemic situation the way of conducting the classes and other Extra curricular activities shows that I had chooses the correct school.

Many school’s conducting the online class in which whom attending and the students activity are not known to Teachers conducting the class. But our school Teacher are excellent in coaching, encouraging and alertness in watching all the students behaviours during class hour shows they are doing their duty as usual like regular school day work.

Next important thing I noticed was the way of conducting school sport day help the children to feel free that regular school activities will always going on. The main thing I feel surprised was the Examination conducted by the school as I know many school conducted only objective type questions which whom attending and how attending were not know. In our school just like as usual exam separate invigilators conducted exam makes me surprised since I think no school had done like this. I happy to say that self evaluation of examination helps the child and ourself to know the capacity of our child in learning during online classes. But if Mark also evaluated at your end as like normal school pattern may help the child what careless mistakes they had done.

Once again I’m feel great and have the confident my child has a great career in future.

I am feel proud to say “Our school is the best school”.

Reply by our Senior Principal Ma’am


Thank you for your wonderful words. You have so thoughtfully analysed everything! Amazing.

I must add here that the exams will be evaluated by our teachers too after lockdown is over.

We are blessed to have parents like you with us. Together we will do the best for your child and all our other children.  God bless