Mrs. Shantha Venkatesh – Mother of V. Rakshitha Shree KG1 and V. Rakshan Madhav KG2

Hi ma’am,
This message is to thank all the KG ma’am(Latha ma’am, Jayashree ma’am, Kala ma’am, and Jeya ma’am) and sirs ( Mahesh sir, Franklin sir, and Amalraj sir)for the kind support during this pandemic. The classes are properly scheduled and well organized. For the past two weeks, my kids are really enjoying their classes. The introduction of extra classes like art, music, dance, and yoga for KGs is really a cute extra feather on the cap. The polite and smiling classes of Latha ma’am, the appreciations of Jeyasree ma’am, the interactive sessions of Kala ma’am, and interesting classes of Jeya ma’am everything is driving the classes very well. Thank you management for your support with a good group of teachers.
Thank you,
Shantha Venkatesh.
Mother of
V. Rakshitha Shree KG1
V. Rakshan Madhav KG2