Proud Achievement of Adhyapana Students in Victorian Young Leaders to India Program

The Victorian Young Leaders to India Program students from Std VIII of Adhyapana School received their certificates for their commendable six-week virtual journey to enhance their intercultural, leadership and STEM capabilities.

This program is designed to prepare them to live and work as citizens and future leaders in an increasingly interconnected global community.

The initiative contributes to the Govt of Victoria’s India Strategy for strengthening economic, government to government and people-to-people ties between Australia and India.

K. Amritha Shri, A.R. Minu Prithi, N.Bala Pranav, B.Kaushik Babu, S. Kavya Lakshmi along with their mentor Mrs. V Priya received their Certificates of Appreciation and Global Competence Certificates.

Certificate of Appreciation was awarded to Adhyapana School.