Kindergarten Green Day Celebration 2024 at Adhyapana School, CBSE

A splash of color enlivens everyone’s life, but green holds a special place. It’s the verdant hue of grass, leaves, and our very planet Earth. Green embodies the essence of life, growth, and abundance.
The Kindergarten at Adhyapana School, CBSE, bloomed with green on Green Day June 28th, 2024 as the tiny tots started with a prayer song, followed by lively rhymes and quotes about nature’s beauty.
The celebrations continued with a vibrant ramp walk, where the children proudly showcased their green attire. To delve deeper, a talk on ‘What green colour denotes’ – explained the significance of the colour green. A fun demonstration followed, where the children learned how green is created by mixing blue and yellow paints.
The school Heads addressed the young audience, emphasizing the importance of colour green in our lives. The day culminated in a photo session capturing the green-themed merriment. Later in the classroom, the children participated in a creative thumb printing activity, making their own green masterpieces.
Green Day at Kindergarten of Adhyapana School was a vibrant explosion of freshness and joy! It was a truly enriching experience that promoted a love for our green planet.