The Force Behind

Mrs. Aruna M Visvessvar

The Promoter Mrs. Aruna M Visvessvar has been a teacher for over four and a half decades at various levels – Middle and Senior – in schools. She holds several degrees including an M.Sc in Chemistry, Prakshastri in Sanskrit, M.B.A. and B.Ed, all of which she scaled in flying colours. Mrs. Aruna M Visvessvar has done a specialized course for guiding children with learning challenges through Special Education. She is a qualified national trainer in Life Skills [through the Junior Chamber International] conducting Personality and Individual Development Programmes for various groups of people.

As the Correspondent and Sr. Principal Mrs. Aruna M Visvessvar  is in charge of Adhyapana School. Needless to add that she is a recognized figure in the field of education in Madurai with many ardent parents ready to send their wards to bloom under her care.

  • Recipient of many awards and accolades

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Mr. Visesh Aiyer

Mr. Visesh Aiyer B.E., M.B.A. is a qualified engineer who ran  a successful business by name Madurai Mill Stores Private Limited for over 30 years. The company was into distribution of industrial products and also had a manufacturing facility for making spare parts for the rice and oil mill industry. He is well connected in business circles in Madurai and much respected for his ethical values and business activities.

Upon retirement, Mr. Visesh Aiyer is functioning as the Dean of Academics – Adhyapana School. He is passionate about teaching and improving the Mathematical abilities of pupils and does a yeoman work towards this cause.Since the last two years sir has also taken complete charge of the primary school,from KG to Std V and brings in the doting grand – father touch which all children adore.

Mr. Praveen Visesh

Mr. Praveen Visesh has done his B.E (Hons.) Mechanical Engg, & M.Sc (Hons.) Mathematics from the prestigious Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS), Pilani. He went on to pursue an M.S. in Finance from Boston College, USA.

Mr. Praveen Visesh was Director, Head of FX Trading for Deutsche Bank, Singapore. Currently he is Fund Manager with the Hedge Fund,Modular Asset Management,Singapore.As a Life Trustee of Adhyapana School, he is present at all the important celebrations in the institution.Conducts classes for Economics and Business Studies students whenever he is in Madurai assisting and also guiding students in their projects related to both these fields of study.

Mrs. Sapna Arvind

Mrs. Sapna Arvind, a B.S in Finance and an M.B.A from the most prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T) in U.S.A, is a Life Trustee of Adhyapana School. She spends substantial time every year at the school, building soft skills in students and sharing her expertise in dance with them. Mrs.Sapna is now pursuing an Advanced Masters Program in Economics and Education Policy Planning from Columbia University with special focus on curriculum planning and framing policies in schools.