Good afternoon to our respected senior principal Aruna mam,
I take this wonderful opportunity to congratulate you mam.

You have always proved yourself as the best mam. We, students of Adhyapana are very proud of you mam. I was very happy after hearing that you have been awarded with the –

This is a very great achievement mam. Ever since I got to adhyapana, I always get inspired by all of you motivational speeches mam. Today you made me more inspiring mam.

You are always a great person and also an inspiring person. When you get any awards, It always made me more motivated mam. You are one of my greatest inspiration mam.

Once again congratulations for your award mam. I hope you receive more and more awards and I also hope you make me more and more motivated mam. I admit that you are definitely the best mam. Once again my best wishes to you mam. 🍫🍫👍👍👏👏
– M. Harshitaa.