Malar Prathap

To show you how powerful Adhyapanaians as individual and as a professionals, here we would like to share our thank you note.

First, We would like to thank our Ambitious, Responsible, Unique, Neutral, Adept “ARUNA” ma’am – the driving force behind these incredible innovations.

We also would like to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation to adorable Dean sir and the esteemed management and faculties of Adhyapana for caring about our kids academic during this pandemic situation and came up with a great solution called”Online classes”.

Technology has made it easier to learn with various devices but nothing can come close to the experience of being taught by inspirational teachers.

As a parents, we are witnessing the professionalism of teachers. All the teachers are shaping our kids with 3″P”s. Prompt, Patience and Proficient.
Yes, They love to be on time for their classes, They are forbearance in getting chance to give their answers and most importantly, they are adept at their curriculum.

Once again, I would like to Thank the entire team of Adhyapana for being outstanding and caring. You all proved that learning can be joyous and pleasent experience.
Keep Rocking!!!

With Respect and Love,
Malar Prathap
P/O, Pratiksha IIstd A
Prathith KG II B