SAHITA Week Celebration 2022

On Monday, June 20, 2022, the Sr. Principal, Mrs. Aruna M Visvesvvar, and Shri Visesh Aiyer, Dean of Academics, formally inaugurated the SAHITA Week, a trilingual integration of Sanskrit, Hindi, and Tamil.
Throughout the week-long event, a variety of acts kept the crowd engaged and amused.
On Day 1, students from Std VI staged a religious scene in which the Goddess appears to Ottakoothar and grants him the ability to pen “Eeti-elupattu” for Sengunthar. In order to understand why astrology might not offer conclusive answers, Class VII students produced a mythological drama from the Mahabharta. The students took pride in honouring the spirit of the Independence struggle through a skillful Mime show that won the audience over. Sathvika and Madhusri from Std VI recited Guru Shloka.
On Day 2, Std VIII students dressed as the Sun and the nine planets disseminated a social awareness message with suggestions for how to protect mother Earth from pollution. The ancient tradition of India has given us the gift of yoga. Students from Stds VI to XII presented a Nukkad Natak in Hindi on International Yoga Day as a street play emphasising the value of yoga for maintaining mental and physical health. L.S. Lakshmi and Navyatha from Std VII recited Gods’ and Goddesses’ Shlokas.
On Day 3, Reaching deep into the hearts of the audience with her expressions, Std IX student Harshita Balan portrayed several characters from Silappathikaram to perform a mono-act. A short piece of drama from the historical fiction ‘Ponniyin Selvan’ by Kalki was enacted by Std IX students. Through Voice and Vision, a performance in words and interpretive dance by Std VIII students, one of the finest Hindi poems of all time, Krishna Ki Chetavani by Shri Ramdhari Singh ‘Dinkar’, was well-staged. R. Shruti and Mahalaxmi from Std VIII recited the Moral Shlokas in Sanskrit.
Day 4 featured two excellent performances by primary students: a mime show on the importance of “Discipline” and a play about the “Significance of the Neem Tree” in human life.
On Day 5, Std I student V Rakshan Madhav dressed up as Mahakavi Bharathiyar, and a student presented an intriguing mono-act play. Students in Std. II created a satire that tickled the audience’s funny bone while effectively communicating a thought-provoking message. Std III students won praise and admiration for their ferocious and persuasive portrayal of the well-known scene from Veerapandiya Kattabomman. The Tiruppur Kumaran performance by the Std IV children was so outstanding that the entire school applauded them.
On Day 6, Std V students staged a humour play about the five elements’ appeal to the Almighty about the earthlings’ ignorance towards them. Students in Std. V performed a comedic play about the Five Elements’ plea to the Almighty regarding humans’ ignorance of them.
The programme came to a successful completion with a positive review from parents who attended all six days of the celebration.