15th Annual Sports Meet a Celebration of Sportsmanship and Excellence

The 15th Annual Sports Meet was held at Adhyapana School, CBSE, Madurai on August 25, 2023, for students from Grades 3 to 12, All students participated enthusiastically and displayed their athletic skills with unmatched grace.
The Heads of the School greeted the Chief Guest. Std. XI students’ band played a welcome note as the School Pupil Leaders, Interact and Earlyact Club members escorted him to the stage.
Students from four houses- Agraj, Atulya, Amrut, and Abinav marched flawlessly to the beat of drum. They gathered on the ground for a prayer signaling the proceedings’ start.
The national flag was hoisted by our Dean of Academics, Shri Visesh Aiyer and the Olympic flag by the Chief Guest Rotarian Mr. Hanif Tayub.
The seven talented athletes passed the Olympic Torch around the perimeter of the arena to the Sports Captain for Girls – Shri Saroop Narayani. She then handed the Torch to the Sports Captain for Boys – Sanjay Choudhary, who lit the monumental Olympic flame.
The sports pledge was taken by the School Pupil Leader K Palaash. The Sports Captain administered the oath, with the students solemnly pledging to maintain the spirit of true sportsmanship.
The 15th Annual Sports Meet was then declared open by the esteemed Guest. The august gathering was welcomed by the Dean of Academics. The introduction of the honorable dignitary was given by the Senior Principal and Correspondent Mrs. Aruna M Visvessvar. A memento was presented to the Chief Guest by the Vice-principal, Mrs. Janaki T.
In a display of strength, cooperation, and teamwork, the students of Classes 8 and 9 arranged themselves atop one another in 15 different human pyramids. The students’ final pose, a human chariot, was a marvelous feat.
The students of Standards 3, 4, and 5 honored the five elements of nature through a drill display, with the creation of the motto “Save Us.” The crowd was left in awe by their harmonized movements and a message of environmental protection.
The guest of honor spoke about the importance of sports in life, urging parents and students to make sports a part of their growth for better health, discipline, and teamwork.
The day witnessed nail-biting relay races and exciting victories. As the athletes approached the finish line, one could hear the cheers of applause from their house masters and mistresses. The fun game for parents and the relay race for teachers stole the show.
The witty commentary and positive approach of Senior Principal Mrs. Aruna M Visvessvar to motivate every competitor, even the last one on the track, were delightful to behold.
Finally, a day filled with sports and sportsmanship was thanked by our Principal Mrs. Rincy Jose.
Amid a great deal of energy and enthusiasm from all the students, teachers, and parents, the 15th Annual Sports Meet’s curtain drew to a close with the National Anthem.