Hub of Learning

In order to ensure the enhancement of the quality of education and to promote self-improvement, it has been mandated by the CBSE to form a group of 4-6 neighborhood schools for collaborative growth. These would be Hubs of Learning. 

Adhyapana is privileged to serve as the Lead School in the Hub of Learning for 5 neighborhood schools in and around Madurai.

The first meeting was held on 8th July, 2019 with the HOL Members – Kendriya Vidyalaya (KV-2) Thirupparankundram, Keran Public School (Checkkanurani), and Maharishi Vidya Mandir (Kovilpapaidi).

The idea of sharing, cooperating and learning from each other was much appreciated. CBSE applauded for this special initiative. Matters presented in Circular dated 9th March, 2019 were dwelt upon and the following points of each of the sub-topics were closely looked into: 

  1. Academic Collaboration
  2. Resource Sharing
  3. Professional Development of Teachers/Staff
  4. Building a Sense of Community to overcome isolation
  5. Systemic reforms

The methodology to go about this making sure our HOL achieves its goal was scrutinized and it has been decided that HOL Principals meet on 1st Saturday of each month at Adhyapana School . For every meeting, each Principal will come forward with at least 2 joint activities to motivate each school team to greater heights. 

Along with the aforementioned points, subject enrichment through art integration, invitation of any major program in one school to be extended to all schools. July 20th Career Fair of BEACON Week invitation was extended to HUB members by Adhyapana School.

The second meeting was held on 3rd August, 2019 with the HOL Members –Keran Public School (Checkkanurani), and Maharishi Vidya Mandir (Kovilpapakudi).

Mrs Aruna M Visvessvar, Senior Principal of Adhyapana School thanked the members for their participation in Career Fair. Informed the schools about the proposal of Board Examinations on February 15 for Stds. X and XII and the Practical Examinations from December 15- early January. Syllabus completion by October was proposed. Keran Public school announced their making of presentation on Penicillin with Stds. VIII & IX.

 The second meeting was held on 7th September, 2019 with the HOL Member schools – Kendriya Vidyalaya (KV2) Thirupparakundram, Sri Aurobindo Mira Universal School, Keelamathur, Keran Public School (Checkkanurani), Maharishi Vidya Mandir (Kovilpapakudi) and Mount Litera Zee School, Shozhavandhan.These schools are assigned by the CBSE to Adhyapana School.

This was the first time where all member schools were present. Keren School invited all member schools to participate in their Inter-School Math Mega Quiz competition on 16th October, 2019. All the member schools participated. The winners’ trophy was bagged by Maharishi school and the runners trophy by Adhyapana school.

Maharishi School proposed participation in their annual Jaivarshini Program a talent fest event on 18th October, 2019. The event was successful as one of the HOL Projects that was conducted on 8th & 9th November 2019.  

Members welcomed the idea of having some programs in Hindi to which Sri Aurobindo Mira Universal School volunteered to plan out some activities related to Hindi language. Mrs Aruna M Visvessvar talked about the latest CBSE circulars and Art integration was discussed at length. All doubts were clarified by and for members.

Orient Blackswan’s English Language Teaching Workshop on the topic “Inclusion and Inclusive Strategies’ was conducted on 23rd November, 2019 at Adhyapana School. Teachers from 18 Schools (3 HUBS of Madurai) attended the workshop.