Adhyapana School aims to be an institution of excellence dedicated to producing leaders of tomorrow. With an extraordinary and innovative approach, we provide an opportunity to transform the world through education and shaping the minds for a happy future.

Way back in 2009, Adhyapana School was set up in 3 rented adjoining bungalows in Visthara Enclave, Vilangudi with 30 students and 11 teachers to provide quality and value based education to the students. Later in the same year the School was moved to the present location at Madurai-Dindigul Main Road, Vilangudi, Madurai on 5th September, 2009.

A premier co-educational English medium with hostel facilities, now the school serves approximately 1500 students from Kindergarten through Std XII. With its sprawling 4-acre gated campus in sylvan surroundings, modern technologies and state-of-the art facilities,the institution provides a perfect place for learning and knowledge for the pillars of tomorrow. Tradition and innovation together provide a natural spur towards excellence under the guidance of the most creative and qualified teachers.



Our Academic program helps students to be critical thinkers, communicators, learners and responsible citizens. Our Curriculum prepares children for challenges and opportunities- both in and out of the classroom.


We, at Adhyapana, aim to make learning interesting and activity oriented. The use of multimedia, games, music and dance provide the students with a fun-filled learning environment. The communication skills of the students are developed via role plays, dramatizations and activities.

We also develop the sense of openness in a child by taking them on nature walks. The curriculum has been designed to address the developmental needs of each child and caters to the holistic development of the child through: Physical and Physiological Development enhancing gross and fine motor skills with Montessori activities like beading, folding, buttoning, spooning etc.

Language Development is entertained  through phonetics, auditory games and storytelling activities.

Pre-writing Skills are  established through insets for design, tracing sandpaper letters, making patterns in sand and such more.

Specific Activities have also been designed for enhancement of neuromuscular control, eye-hand co-ordination, development of pincer and dominant finger’s grip for future writing skills.

Primary Level (Class I to V)

An activity based approach to learning, so as to stimulate the development of intelligence inherent in each individual is the key to learning. We stress on  project based learning, group activities, and interactive sessions in order to develop a sense of individuality and stimulate the knowledge of the child. Learning is made fun with the aid of excursions and field trips where the children learn beyond the limitations of the four walls of the classroom.

Middle School (Class VI to VIII)

The school strives to explore and enhance the competence of the students by working towards their all-round development. We cultivate their intellectual abilities, aesthetic sense, artistic and social skills, creative and critical thinking. The introduction of Art Integration Projects further enhances the knowledge of the students beyond what they learn through their textbooks.

Secondary School (Class IX and X)

Our major aim at the secondary school level is to prepare the students according to the NCERT curriculum. The curriculum in Class IX and X is intended to provide  holistic development of the learner through evaluation of both scholastic and co-scholastic areas through enrichment activities.

Senior Secondary School Curriculum (Class XI and XII)

Adhyapana School  believes that students need to develop resilience, confidence and maturity before stepping out into the world. Our School provides students the opportunities to identify their areas of strength and pursue an academic program that is best suited to their learning style which is in alignment with their long term goals. Arrangements are made to take students to state – of -the – art organisations and laboratories to get a feel of the real world.



In an academic year, several tests and examinations are conducted, in order to gauge both the teacher and the taught.
The Pattern is as follows:

Primary School – Stds I – V:

Pre- Mid Term, Mid Term, Post Mid Term and Annual Examination every year.

Senior School – Stds VI – XII:

Unit Tests, Pre-Mid Term, Mid Term, Post Mid Term and Annual Examination every year.

Regular tests, apart from the above, will be held through the year in every subject. All test marks will be presented in the school’s hand-book. Parents must sign tests and marks regularly. Achievement Records will be issued from school. Parent – teacher meetings are held after every set of examination. In accordance with the initiatives taken by the Central Board of Secondary Education to lower pupils’s stress levels and improve the quality of their learning and our own desire to bring international norms of evaluation into our educational practices, the School has incorporated the continuous assessment strategy across all classes.


Open House is arranged after each Examination to facilitate the parents to visit the school and interact with the teachers. Parents can meet all the Subject Teachers individually and discuss the performance of their wards.


A student is promoted to the next higher class on the basis of his/her performance throughout the year. Students are expected to obtain 50 % marks in each subject. Absentees in any of the assessments will be awarded zero mark only. In case a student absents himself or herself from any examination, no re-test will be conducted and no marks will be awarded for the paper/exam concerned.