Admission is given to candidates strictly on merit basis. Every aspiring student from Std. I onwards seeking admission, will appear for a written entrance test which will be followed by personal interaction with the admissions committee. The students for kindergarten are admitted based on personal interactions alone.

School Timings

Office : 8.30 am - 4.00 pm : All working days.
Pre-KG - Std V : 8.45 am - 3.15 pm : Mon - Fri
Std. VI onwards : 8.45 am - 3.15 pm : Mon - Sat
All Saturdays are off for students from Pre KG to Std V
From Std VI onwards 2nd Saturday is off- provided the month has no other official holiday(s).

Recommendations to Parents

In order to ensure smooth conduct and proper functioning of our school, total co-operation between parents and the school is essential. The following points are worthy of note:

  • Parents must ensure that their wards bring the school diaries to school every day. They must also look into the diaries daily and sign the same.
  • Students may be picked up from school only by the authorized persons.
  • Non-Vegetarian food is strictly prohibited in school. This includes even eggs. Please help us maintain the sanctity of the school.
  • Tuitions are to be avoided as far as possible. Do discuss with the school on any special needs.
  • Please do not send any money/fees through drivers, maids and such others.
  • School cannot be held resposible for loss any cash
  • Please inform the school promptly if there is any change of address, telephone number etc.
  • Prior sanction should be sought and got from the Principal through a written application for any absence exceeding 2 days.
  • Attendance on the first day and last day of every session is compulsory.
  • In the event the child is unwell, kindly do not send the child to school.
  • Requests for Transfer Certficate, if any, should be made on or before 31st Jan. of the current year.

Recommendations to Students

  • Bring this dairy to school everyday
  • You are in an English Medium School and you must be able to speak in English. So practice speaking in English without worrying whether you speak in correctly or incorrectly.
  • Develop self-discipline.
  • Be punctual and regular.
  • Speak the truth at all times. Everyone will trust you.
  • Face challenges bravely.
  • Be friendly, helpful and cheerful. This is the best way to be loved by all.
  • Study regularly and sincerely.This is the only way to succeed in school.
  • Your teachers will always help you. Approach them in times of need.
  • Celebrate your birthday by doing something good for the poor and the needy.
  • Pray everyday for knowledge, wisdom and courage.
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